Reclaim the power of food

Food is powerful. It can nourish and uplift entire communities. It can also breed injustice and put our planet and health at risk.

We work with farmers to grow just, healthy, sustainable harvests everywhere. By keeping seeds in farmers’ hands and strengthening farmers’ knowledge, we help communities thrive.

Together, we can change the world, one seed at a time.

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We work to grow a just, sustainable and well nourished world.

This is how we seed change

Reinforce farmer-led solutions

We support small-scale farmers so they can grow a better world. You can too.

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Keep biodiversity alive

We work with farmers to preserve and expand seed diversity.

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Advocate for system change

We defend farmers’ rights and work for food sovereignty. Join us.

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Our global impact

Thanks to people like you, we can support farmers in finding solutions to some of their communities’ most pressing problems: hunger, poverty, climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Change starts with seeds. The proof is in the field.


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Seeding change since 1945

We have been working to make the world “a better, kinder place” since we were founded by Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova in 1945. At the time, we were called the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, later shortened to USC Canada.

We have grown and adapted over time, but our core values, collaborative approach and unwavering focus on justice and equity have always been the core of our work.

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