The struggles farmers face are global. So are we.

SeedChange supports small-scale farmers around the world in their fight for justice, health and sustainability. We partner with like-minded local partners to help keep seeds in farmers’ hands, protect farmers’ rights, and build stronger, more resilient food systems.

We believe in the power of people and seeds. Whether you are a farmer, funder, or eater, welcome! We believe that together, we can grow a better world.

Our Vision

An equitable world sustained by just and resilient food systems.

Our Mission

To build food sovereignty by working with partners to enhance biodiversity, promote ecological food systems, and counter inequity.

Our role in the field

Local partner organizations deliver all of our programs, because they know their regions and farming communities best. We support them in five ways.

We are facilitators, sharing knowledge and connecting people working to seed change in different parts of the food system.

We are funders for our partners’ work in promoting sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty.

We are trainers, supporting farmers who preserve seed diversity, farm sustainably and bring healthy food to markets.

We are incubators for innovative ideas. We document successes from the field to help agroecological practices spread.

We are influencers, encouraging policies that support small-scale farmers, protect seed diversity and prioritize sustainable agriculture.

Our programs

We work with farmers in Canada and around the world to build stronger and more resilient food systems. Explore our current Domestic and International Programs.

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