Seed savers keeping biodiversity alive are connected by their shared mission

October 6, 2020

“You almost cannot help but feel connected when you work with seed.”

These seed savers are keeping biodiversity alive: three images of three women. The first photo on the left is a smiling woman with a patterned dress and hair scarf. She holds a dry corn cob in one hand and a dry grain in the other. The second photo is a smiling woman wearing a collared shirt and a necklace. She stands in a field of corn with one hand lightly gripping an ear of corn. The third photo is a woman smiling. She wears a collared shirt and holds a large jar of seeds under her arm and has tipped some of the seeds from it into her other hand.
Seed savers around the world are connected by their work to keep biodiversity alive. (Fanta Traoré in Mali, Isidora Garcia in Honduras and Kim Delaney in Ontario)

“You almost cannot help but feel connected when you work with seed.”

Seed savers keeping biodiversity alive share a connection. As a seed farmer, Kim Delaney feels that deep connection to small-scale farmers everywhere who also plant, grow and save seeds.

“Sometimes when it’s super early in the morning and I’ve got my hands in the soil, I feel this connection with not only other people around the world with their hands in the soil, but past generations, too,” Kim says.

“Seed has come to us from generations and generations and generations of people selecting what they consider the best attributes. For so long our ancestors have done that work and now we have all these foods today as a result.”

You’re connected too.

By supporting farmers around the world made vulnerable by injustice, climate change, and now, the COVID-19 pandemic, you can help sustain these connections. With your support for farmers though SeedChange, you can keep the biodiversity developed by previous generations alive. You can help farmers conserve and grow that diversity for future generations. And you can support farmers in sharing their knowledge, skills and seeds with others.

You can keep biodiversity alive with seed savers around the world. Help sustain these connections and become a monthly donor today.

Seed savers keeping biodiversity alive with SeedChange

SeedChange works with 35,000 family farmers around the world to support their fight for justice, health and sustainability. Much of the work we support surrounds seeds: seed saving, seed breeding, seed sharing… Incredibly important work for conserving and enhancing biodiversity.

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