Thank you for making SeedChange part of your legacy. This is our commitment to you.

We will respect your privacy.

The decision to leave a gift in your will is deeply personal. While we appreciate knowing that you have planned a gift to SeedChange in your will, you are under no obligation to tell us. If you decide to share information with us about your planned gift, it will be kept in the strictest confidence. 

We will respect your decisions.

We value the importance of family and friends, and know that your loved ones always come first. We recognize circumstances change over time; in the future you may have to revise your decision to leave a gift in your will. We respect your wishes and promise to continue treasuring all you have to contribute to SeedChange. 

We will work to maximize the impact of your legacy.  

Through careful financial management, we plan to grow the gift you leave for generations to come. Once SeedChange receives your legacy gift, the funds will be deposited in the Lotta Hitschmanova Legacy Fund of our SeedChange Foundation. There, they will be prudently managed and invested to generate funds to support family farmers around the world. 

We will be accountable for your gift. 

The legacy funds you leave to SeedChange will be housed in the SeedChange Foundation, which is governed by a Board of Directors that is appointed by SeedChange and accountable to us. We are proud of the efficiency and effectiveness of our work, and will ensure your funds have the maximum positive effect on the lives of others. 

We are here to help you. 

We know every donor is different. Some like to make their legacy gifts in total anonymity. Others prefer to get information about how their gifts will make a difference, or share thoughts on how they can best organize their gifts. Know that you are more than welcome to reach out to us any time.