Help a woman in Kenya grow the food her family urgently needs.

This gifting season, you can help a woman in Kenya grow a better future with her own spiral garden.

Despite land shortages, rising food prices, and water scarcity, spiral gardens give women in Kenya a way to grow the food their family urgently needs.

Today, you can give a woman access to this life-changing training program.

$32 Gives 1 woman training to start her first spiral garden

$64 Covers 6 months of ongoing support to improve her skills

$128 Empowers her with the full 12 MONTHS spiral garden program.

Spiral gardens are an eco-friendly and climate-resilient way to grow a high density of crops in a small space, with minimal water.

Our training program gives women the immediate knowledge they need to build their first spiral gardens, using only recycled materials, home-made organic compost, and local seeds.

Once her gardens are built, our partner organization will give her 12 months of additional support and training, to ensure she also knows how to:

  1. Save and protect her best climate-adapted seeds, so she never runs out.
  2. Make her own high-quality organic compost, to keep her garden producing year round.
  3. Join forces with other women to sell her produce, so she gets a fairer price.

Once she’s mastered these skills, she’ll get our “train the trainer” coaching and receive a paid honorarium to teach the spiral garden technique to 15 other women around her.

Within a year, the woman you support today will be harvesting 1000 kg of nutritious vegetables from each one of her new spiral gardens, and empowering 15 other women with her new skills and knowledge.

Justice, health and sustainability can start from just one act of solidarity.

Give today, and see your impact spiral outwards!


SeedChange is a registered Canadian charity.

You will receive an official charitable tax receipt for all donations.