Food is power.

Food connects us to the land, our cultures and each other. But the way food is grown and distributed today means exploitation, displacement and hunger for nearly 1 billion family farmers. It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Together, we can weed out injustice from the food system by addressing the barriers that family farmers face to growing good food. We can change the food system. It starts with keeping seeds in farmers’ hands, and growing the movement of people committed to seeding change.

Let’s put the power of food back where it belongs: in your hands

When you support family farmers, you help them defend their rights and regain control over the seeds and land they need to feed their communities.


of the world’s farms are small-scale

2 billion

family farmers worldwide


family farmers you can support directly through SeedChange

What’s wrong with the global food system?

On the surface, today’s globalized food system delivers an incredible choice of food at any time of year. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find it also creates hardship and injustice for many.

Food is at the centre of competitive global trade. Multinational corporations exert a huge amount of control over seed, land, water and markets. The decisions they make, with governments’ approvals, put profits ahead of our health, the environment and social justice. With power concentrated among large corporations, farmers lose their power to set a fair price for their harvests. Their rights are infringed upon, even such basic, fundamental rights as their rights to save seeds and to keep control over their traditional territories.

We are all disadvantaged by a global food system that removes our ability to collectively and democratically decide how we grow our food and make it accessible – or not – to everyone. 

Change is possible. Family farmers are resilient, and have astute understandings of where the levers of power can be found in their local food systems. We work with them to reclaim the power of food. Our approach is grounded in food sovereignty, a notion put forward by farmers’ themselves. 

Change starts with seeds.