You’ve always believed in a better tomorrow.

Close your eyes and picture it: a world where everyone, everywhere, has healthy food to eat. Where we comfort and empower each other. Where farmers live dignified lives and nature yields abundance. 

It is possible. Leaving a gift to SeedChange in your will makes your legacy one of hope, resilience and commitment to growing a better world.

A simple way to help future generations

Legacy giving is financially advantageous. It will give your estate a charitable tax receipt that can lower or even eliminate estate taxes. To join the thousands of people across Canada who have already made a commitment to leaving the world “a kinder, better place for all”, contact your lawyer. Ask them to draft, revise, or add a codicil to your will. You can use this sample text.

Including SeedChange in your legacy conveys your love and optimism for the world. Like a precious seed, your gift will yield hope year after year for small-scale family farmers.

Our promise to you: to save and replant the seeds of hope you give us, for generations to come

Sample wording

To add SeedChange to your will, you can start from this sample wording.

Legacy giving confirmation form

We would love to thank you personally, if you notify us of your intent to make a legacy gift.

Our Commitment to You

As a valued legacy donor, this is what you can expect from us.

Do I have to update my will to reflect your name change?

The USC Foundation will soon change its name to the SeedChange Foundation. We retain the legal ability to receive legacy gifts made in all our prior names. 

You don’t need to make any changes if you have already included the “USC Foundation,” the “Unitarian Service Committee of Canada Foundation,” or the “Lotta Hitschmanova Legacy Fund” in your will. 

Thank you for your generous commitment!