How will SeedChange use my bequest?

All legacy gifts received by SeedChange are held by the SeedChange Foundation and securely and ethically invested, to generate returns and maximize your impact. The SeedChange Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that is directly appointed by, and accountable to, the SeedChange Board of Directors. Every year, the SeedChange Foundation makes a grant to SeedChange to support its vital programs with farming families around the globe.


I don’t have a lot of money. Would my small gift make any difference to SeedChange?

Every gift makes a big difference. If you can dedicate even a small percentage of your estate to a bequest, you will have tremendous ongoing impact for SeedChange programs. Every gift is carefully invested and stewarded to generate lasting impact. In addition, your gift can also help SeedChange secure matching funds from the Canadian government or foundations, multiplying your impact.


What about my loved ones?

Your loved ones come first. Planning for your legacy is an important decision, and it shouldn’t come at the expense of caring for them.

If you do decide to leave a legacy gift to SeedChange, we recommend you let your loved ones know and take this opportunity to explain why this feels important to you. Leaving a legacy gift to farmers is a meaningful way to create a better future for your loved ones and for future generations. Conversations about legacy can become treasured memories, and help your loved ones gain more understanding of your deepest values and wishes.


Will leaving a gift in my will to SeedChange benefit my loved ones financially?

Yes, it could. A gift to SeedChange in your will can provide your estate with an income tax receipt that can greatly reduce the taxes owed by your estate, leaving more for your loved ones. Speak with a lawyer or accountant for advice related to your specific circumstances.


Do I have to tell SeedChange I’m planning to leave a gift in my will?

The decision to leave a gift in your will is confidential. You are under no obligation to tell us of your decision but sadly, we don’t always hear about these gifts until it is too late to thank the donor.

It would be a great honour to be able to thank you for your generosity now. If you do agree to let us know about your intentions, we’ll also be better able to plan for the future and keep you and your family informed about the impact of your gift. Rest assured we will always respect your privacy and your preferences for receiving communications from us.


What happens if I change my mind?

You can change your mind about leaving a gift in your will at any time, by informing your lawyer.


I’ve already put USC Canada in my will. Do I have to update my will to reflect you 2019 name change to SeedChange?

Thank you very much for generously including us in your will. You do not need to change your will if it contains any of our prior names including “USC Canada,” “Unitarian Service Committee of Canada,” “USC Foundation,” “Unitarian Service Committee of Canada Foundation,” or “Lotta Hitschmanova Legacy Fund.” We retain the legal ability to receive these gifts, and our charitable registration number has not changed.

You can also download a printable PDF version of these FAQ by clicking here.