Better lives for farmers. Better food for all. A better future for the planet.

When you make a donation to SeedChange, you help a farmer care for their family and community by growing good food, starting from good seeds. 

Each project is chosen by farming communities to meet their most pressing needs.

Over the past three decades, donors like you have helped farmers:

Increase vegetable production to reduce hunger and improve diets.

Diversify crops so their farms are more resilient to climate change.

Learn seed saving skills and invest in necessary equipment.

Launch community seed banks that keep local seeds accessible to all.

Start microentreprises to earn better incomes from local food and seeds.

Train in advanced agroecological techniques, like agroforestry, to make their farm more resilient and sustainable.

What your money can do

When you give to SeedChange, 85 cents of every dollar is spent in the field on programs that support small-scale family farmers. The rest of your donation allows SeedChange to exist, covering our fundraising and administrative costs.


Helps a farmer in Bolivia irrigate her crops and grow more food for her family by investing in irrigation and water-harvesting equipment.


Trains 10 young people in Mali in ecological seed production, widening their job opportunities.


Gives a community of women farmers in Honduras the investment needed to build a solar coffee dryer and get a better price for their coffee.

Here’s what your support can do: