Growing food is political – and delicious.

In a world where most of our food is shipped over long distances it’s easy to forget that growing good food at home is within reach. But it is. 

Whether you have a backyard, community garden plot, or sunny windowsill, you can grow something delicious. It’s a satisfying way to bring more nature into your life and more flavour onto your plate. It’s also a powerful way to vote for a better food system – one in which you play a critical role in saving seed diversity.

What makes a good seed?

Good seeds grow into food you enjoy eating. Good seeds are easily accessible to farmers and gardeners. They don’t harm pollinators or wildlife. They grow well because they’ve had the chance to adapt to local conditions. They’re naturally robust and don’t require synthetic pesticides. They are backed by centuries of selective crossing and breeding by farmers and gardeners.

Every region needs its own resilient supply of diverse, locally-grown seeds. It’s the first condition of food sovereignty, and the key to growing good food, sustainably. It’s also an increasingly urgent issue: in the 20th century alone, 75 per cent of crop diversity has been lost.

When you plant seeds you’ve saved yourself, or seeds you purchased from an independent seed company in your area, you help preserve seed diversity. 

Where can I find local seeds?

You probably won’t find a diversity of locally-saved seeds in stores. You’ll have to dig a little deeper, but it’s worth it: a rainbow of colours, flavours and fascinating seed stories await.

There’s a growing movement of small but mighty seed companies across the country. Search our database to find a seed company near you or to find specific seeds by crop and variety.

Ecological Seed Finder

Seed libraries and community seed banks are inspiring places where you can find local seeds and learn seed saving. Join our network to find a seed initiative near you.

Community Seed Network

Save the date! Held annually in 120 Canadian cities, these fun-filled events bring all the seeds you need to your community. Meet some seed heroes and get inspired!

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