Where to find local vegetable seeds in Canada

May 15, 2024

Looking for vegetable seeds for your garden? We’ve curated a list of seed companies in Canada offering a wide variety of locally-grown vegetable, flower, and herb varieties.

What are local seeds? “Local” or “regional” seeds are seeds produced, adapted, and/or bred by farmers in Canada. 

Why are local seeds important? Because regional seeds have been grown and saved in their specific region, they have a good chance of performing well in that region’s specific growing conditions. Many of the farmers and seed growers who are producing regionally-adapted seeds are doing so in organic or ecological farming conditions so these seed varieties can also perform well without the use of fossil-fuel based fertilizers and synthetic agrochemicals. Local organic/ecological seed growers may also provide a variety of unique seeds that aren’t available elsewhere which gives us an opportunity to participate in diversifying farms and gardens, and rebuilding seed diversity.

Are all seeds sold in Canada local? No. Not all seeds from Canadian seed companies are grown in Canada. Seed companies located in Canada may be seed farms offering their own home-grown seed; they may be companies offering seed exclusively grown in their region, by a variety of growers; or they might import and re-sell seed from the international seed market. Growing local seed is challenging, especially in the short growing seasons we have in Canada. Many companies use a combination of these strategies to offer greater variety in their catalogues. 

How do you know what seeds are local? Some seed companies will name the grower or farm for each seed variety they offer, and many will not. If locally grown seed is important to you, you can ask the seller where their seeds come from. 

Where should we start? For over ten years, The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, SeedChange’s Canadian program, has worked in partnership with farmers and seed growers to strengthen regional seed systems across Canada. Below is a list of seed companies that grow and support locally- or regionally-grown organic and ecological seed. 

No matter the size of your garden,supporting local seed growers helps to rebuild Canada’s supply of diverse, locally-adapted seeds. Happy gardening! Notice a broken link or a Canadian seed company missing from the list? Please let us know. For more information about the vegetable seed industry in Canada, click here.

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Other great resources to find seeds sold in Canada:

For more information about the vegetable seed industry in Canada, read our article: “Where does your vegetable seed come from?”

If you are looking for certified potato seed, try Pomme de terre Bérubé (Quebec), or double-certified potato seed (also organic) can be found at Ellenberger Organic Farm (Ontario), and Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes (Alberta).

A’Bunadh Seeds
Alberta Sweet Potatoes
Beautiful Blooms
Broadview Farm
Casey’s Heirloom Tomatoes
Circle Farms
Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes
Little Beau Seed Co.
Moonglow Gardens
Tree Time
Wild About Flowers
Wildrose Heritage Seed

Across the Creek Organics
Apple Luscious Organic Orchard
BC EcoSeed Co-op  
BC’s Wild Heritage Plants
Boundary Garlic
Brother Nature Organic Seeds
Choked Up
Cicada Seeds
Eagle Ridge Seeds
Eternal Seed
Fraser’s Thimble Farms
Full Circle Seeds
Good Earth Farms
Grim’s Gourmet Garlic  
Helmer’s Organic Farm
Laughing Swan Farm
Manhattan Farms
Metchosin Farm Seeds
Norwegian Creek Farm
Omega Blue Farms
Ravensong Seeds 
Rebecca’s Garden
Red Lion Farm
Salt Spring Apple Company
Salt Spring Seeds
Seeds of the Revolution-Saanich Organics
Sunshine Farm Certified Organic Seeds
Sweet Rock Farms
Tatiana’s Tomato Base
The Market Garden

Heritage Harvest Seed
John Boy Farms
Sage Garden Herbs
Tiny Monster Garden

Atlantic Pepper Seeds
Ferme Spirale Farm
Heartfelt Seed
Mapple Farm
Rainbow Seeds

Perfectly Perennial Herbs and Seeds  
Seed to Spoon Farm

Annapolis Seeds
Broadfork Farm
Cochrane Family Seeds
Hope Seeds
La Finquita
Nikian Farm
Revival Seeds
Seed to Seed
The Incredible Seed Company
Twisted Brook Farm
Yonder Hill Farm

Backyard Seed Savers
Bear Root Gardens
Beaver Pond Estates (garlic)
Carrick Seeds
Cutleaf Seeds by Northern Wildflowers
The Cutting Veg (garlic)
D & H Newman   
Eureka Garlic   
Florabunda Seeds
Franken Farms
Gaia Organic Seeds
Golden Acres Farm (garlic)    
Greta’s Organic Gardens
Habitat Seeds
Hawthorn Farm   
Heritage Seed and Produce   
Kitchen Table Seed House   
Langside Farms (garlic)
Matchbox Garden and Seed Company   
Norton Naturals (perennial vegetables)
Pepper Merchant
Railway Creek Farms (garlic)
The Secret Garden
Seeds of IMBOLC  
Superior Seed Producers  
Terra Edibles   
Three Forks Seed  
Urban Harvest   
Urban Tomato   

Emmerdale Eden Organic Farm / PEI Seed Alliance
Stormhaven Farm and Studios  
Thistledown Seed

La croisée des cultures
Hamidou Horticulture
Jardin des vie-la-joie
Jardins de la Gaillarde
Jardins la Brouette  
Les Jardins Laurentiens
La Societé des plantes 
La Radicule & Semences Saint Laurent
Ferme Coopérative Tourne Sol
Jardin de Julie 
Potager ornemental de Catherine  
Le Noyau & Zombie Seedz 
Les Jardins de l’Écoumène  
Les Semences du portage
Les semences du batteux
Northern Seeds | Semences nordiques
Les Bons Plans
Ferme Coop du Moulin
Ferme de l’Aube
Semences Nouveau Paysan
Semences Nouveau Monde
Semences des artisans
Solana Seeds  
Pepper Seedz
Semences Terre Promise  

4 Acre Farm
Early’s Farm and Garden Centre   
Mum’s Sprouting Seeds
No Coast Seeds   
Prairie Garden Seeds