Seed TV: A seed’s journey from field to fork on CBC

July 1, 2017

SeedChange Executive Director, Jane Rabinowicz, was featured in “We Are Canada” on CBC! Watch online as Jane takes you on a seed’s journey from field to fork.

Photo: White Pine Pictures

“We Are Canada” celebrates the future of Canada by profiling the next generation of change-makers, who are shaping the future of those around them. Jane’s work on our Canadian seed security program is helping farmers have access to the diverse, locally adapted seeds they need to grow food for a growing population.

For food security tomorrow, we need seed security today.

Click here to watch the video.

Why did we decide to participate in “We Are Canada,” a show celebrating Canada 150?

The food we eat is part of a journey that began with past generations of people who grew and saved seeds.

In the same way, “We Are Canada,” a show tied to this year’s sesquicentennial that celebrates Canada’s future, owes much to the past. We are a land nurtured by Indigenous peoples since long before the confederation now celebrated 150 years later.

We chose to participate in this show – alongside a line-up of truly inspiring Canadians – in order to share the critical story of seeds and the people who grow and save them. We at SeedChange want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that Canada 150 is moment of pride for some, and a reminder of pain and struggle for others. The 150 year time-frame pales in comparison with the centuries of food traditions practised and the seeds saved by this land’s Métis, First Nations and Inuit peoples.

This knowledge informs our Seeds of Survival work here in Canada and in our work in solidarity with Indigenous communities around the world. We seek to make positive change in the food system by working with small-scale farmers – part of that means doing the work of reconciliation.

We hope you will watch the episode, and share in our pride in our work, and our humility about what we still have to learn.