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Each of these beans will need about 55 days of growth before harvesting. All of the beans are open-pollinated and self-pollinating, meaning that the seeds they produce will be true to type. In other words, if you enjoy eating the purple pods of Royal Burgundy bean this year and you save the seeds, next year you will get new purple-podded beans and not green or yellow-podded beans. This is good news for you as a gardener since you will know what to expect when you plant the seeds next year!

What beans do I have?

If you received a package of seeds from us at an event it is one of the following three varieties, grown by different Canadian seed farmers.

Royal Burgundy Bean

These beautiful and delicious purple pods turn bright green after cooking.

Dragon Tongue Bean

This heirloom produces large, flat yellow pods with purple streaks that disappear when cooked.

Blue Jay Bean

This extremely rare heirloom variety was saved from extinction by Canadian seed savers.