UPDATE: Help a farmer avoid a food crisis

May 14, 2020

We must act now to prevent a major food crisis in Central America in the wake of COVID-19.

Ana Maria Castro, Honduras

The coronavirus pandemic is creating a food security crisis in Central America.

In the coming weeks, as farmers in Canada are sowing the seeds that will feed us throughout the summer, farmers in Honduras and Nicaragua will be struggling to get enough seeds to plant. We are working with our partner organizations in the region to find solutions to this and prevent a major food crisis.

But we need your help to make it happen.

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down supply lines to already remote, isolated farming communities where food security is often precarious. Honduras has been under general lockdown since March. Emergency assistance is urgently needed to support farmers so they can get seeds in the ground now – otherwise food shortages will be imminent.

You can help us raise $50,000 to beat this avoidable food crisis.

The first $10,000 we raised is already being sent to Nicaragua and will support 100 of the hardest hit families we work with. If you have already donated to this emergency fund, we thank you so much.

These funds will be used to:

  • Distribute an emergency supply of fast-growing seeds farmers can plant now.
  • Deliver emergency food packages to help keep hunger at bay while farming families work to grow the next harvest.
  • Launch an emergency grow-out project to replenish the stock of local seeds at the seed bank in Pueblo Nuevo.
  • Train farmers in ecological practices to be better prepared to face future droughts, like water harvesting, micro-irrigation and soil management techniques, that will make farmers more resilient for years to come.

We need to raise $40,000 more to fund the same type of urgent work with many more farming families in Honduras.

We are working intensively with our partners to figure out the most efficient way to make this critical work happen. The need is urgent, and we must act now to prevent a major food security crisis post COVID-19 in Central America.

Please, support these farmers today so they can have healthy harvests tomorrow.