Today’s food system creates injustice, damages the environment, and puts our health at risk.

Seventy per cent of the world’s food is grown by 2 billion family farmers. Nearly half of them live below the poverty line.

Farmers’ work is essential, yet they don’t earn a fair income. Their rights to land and seed are under threat. Women and Indigenous farmers face discrimination, and opportunities for young farmers are hard to come by.

Large-scale industrial farming is not a viable solution. It puts profits from food and seed in the hands of only a few. It accelerates biodiversity loss, contributes to climate change, and contaminates our soil and water.

We believe in growing a better world.

We partner with family farmers and like-minded nonprofits around the world to reclaim the power of food for good.

When you support SeedChange, you support 35,000 small-scale farmers fighting for justice, health and sustainability. You allow hard-working farmers to break down barriers to healthy and sustainable food, so they can nourish their communities and live better lives.

You can grow a better world with farmers. The proof is in the field.

What SeedChange does on the ground

We deliver tailored projects that help farmers improve their incomes, defend their rights, and grow better food for all.

We have three decades of experience helping farmers:

  • Save, share and breed new seeds directly in the field.
  • Restore degraded lands and soil through regenerative techniques.
  • Find local solutions to water shortages and climate change.
  • Launch successful enterprises and cooperatives to increase their incomes.
  • Share and deepen their farming knowledge, with a special focus on the valuable knowledge of women farmers and Indigenous peoples.
  • Advocate for their rights at the local, national and international level.
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Together, we can build a just, sustainable and well nourished world

Here are four things you can do right now:

Power their movement.

Financial constraints prevent farmers from investing in better practices. Your donation opens new doors to make change possible.


Advocate for farmers’ rights.

Join us and help prove that Canadians care about justice, health and sustainability. We will let you know when farmers need you.

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Spread the word.

Share the good news coming out of the field with people around you, and grow the movement to seed change.

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Grow good food.

Growing good food is a powerful way to reclaim your power over the food system. Discover our resources to get growing.

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