The Rural Women Cultivating Change (RWCC) program is a six year, $14.8 million program funded by Global Affairs Canada. The RWCC project focuses on the intersection between women’s rights and climate adaptation in order to better support women’s empowerment through sustainable resource management, ecological agriculture production and equitable access to localized markets.

Over the six year program, the project will support 32,500 women farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

The project uses an agroecological and gender transformative framework aimed at preventing sexual and gender-based violence and shifting the patriarchal cultural attitudes and structures that limit young and adult rural women (particularly smallholder farmers). The ultimate aim being to support women to take control of their own lives and futures, advocate for their rights, and take leadership within their communities and beyond.

The program is implemented in East Africa with leading local partners and technically supported and managed by SeedChange. We are proud to bring together the expertise of partners dedicated to supporting women’s rights and combatting sexual and gender-based violence with other partners specialized in agroecology and rural issues for this innovative program.

Thank you to our partners:

Global Affairs of Canada
Coady Institute
WE-Action Ethiopia
Institute for Sustainable Development Ethiopia
SeedSavers Network Kenya
HIVOS East Africa
PELUM Tanzania
Tanzania Gender Networking Program (TGNP)

Rural Women Cultivating Change Program, by the numbers


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