There’s a new campaign tackling climate change in Canada: Farmers for Climate Solutions

March 1, 2020

Any conversation about climate change in 2020 must include agriculture.

Farmers for Climate Solutions is a new grassroots campaign led by a coalition of farmers and organizations across Canada to make agriculture part of the climate change solution. SeedChange is thrilled to be a founding member of this coalition!

Agriculture is one of the first sectors to feel the impacts of climate change. We also know that fossil-fuel based agricultural inputs contribute to the climate crisis. But the good news: many farmers are leading the way towards climate-friendly agriculture. Agriculture is one of the most promising sectors for delivering fast and effective climate solutions. With Farmers for Climate Solutions, we are advocating for agricultural policies and programs that help farmers mitigate and adapt to climate change, and support the spread of low-input, low-emissions agricultural systems.

What can I do to grow the movement?

Spread the word

We can’t tackle climate change without good farming practices and policies. Help make the connection between agriculture and climate solutions by sharing graphics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Sign up to Farmers for Climate Solutions as a farmer or supporter

Whether you grow food, or just like to eat it, we need your help to demonstrate widespread support for climate-friendly agriculture in Canada today.

Farmers for Climate Solutions is a collaborative effort led by the National Farmers Union, Canadian Organic Growers, FarmFolk CityFolk, Rural Routes to Climate Solutions, the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, Equiterre, and SeedChange.

Together we can achieve far more than alone!