Call for nominations: SeedChange and SeedChange Foundation Board of Directors

July 14, 2021

We are recruiting for both our amazing boards of directors!


SeedChange’s mission is to build food sovereignty by working with partners to enhance biodiversity, promote ecological food systems, and counter inequity. To oversee the delivery of this mission SeedChange counts on the support of two governing bodies:

The SeedChange Board of Directors

The SeedChange board stewards SeedChange’s vision, mission and strategic plan. This board meets four times a year. Its committees include: an Executive Committee, Board Recruitment Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Executive Director Performance Review Committee, and a Governance Committee (joint committee with the SeedChange Foundation).

The SeedChange Foundation Board of Directors

This board oversees the investment and allocation of a small endowment built up through the years. Supports mission-aligned and ethical investing and provides key insight into SeedChange’s financial management and fundraising strategies. This board meets four times a year. A subset of Foundation board members participate in SeedChange’s Finance and Audit and Governance Committees, and strike working groups on key issues on an as-needed basis.

Time investment by board members is typically slightly higher on the SeedChange Board of Directors than on the SeedChange Foundation. The Boards seek opportunities to exchange with each other and collaborate on the shared objective of good governance and strong support to SeedChange’s staff and programs.

Both the SeedChange and SeedChange Foundation Boards of Directors are recruiting new members in 2021. Both Boards are seeking new members with expertise in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Major gifts fundraising
  • Governance

A cross-cutting priority for both boards is a commitment to and experience with justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in each of the three areas highlighted above.

How to apply

For this round of recruitment we are seeking board members based in Canada only.

The application period ends on August 30th, 2021.

If you are interested in joining one or both of our Boards of Directors, or have a person you would like to nominate for our board(s), please complete this nomination form! Send your completed form, your CV and any other relevant information that you’d like to include to Marie Dulude at by August 30th. If you would like to speak with someone before filling out the form, please write to Marie at and we will be sure to be in touch.

Thank you very much for your interest in SeedChange.