This Holiday season, help a woman keep herself and her family safe in Honduras!

November 23, 2021

María López is a mother of three who made her income by selling accessories on the streets of Colomoncagua Intibucá, a remote rural community in Honduras. When the pandemic hit, she lost her income and didn’t know how she would keep her family safe from hunger. Thanks to the power of global and local solidarity, that rapidly changed.

Today, María grows food and seeds for her community, while also working with other women to build a better future for her daughter in more ways than one. 

This Holiday season, you can help another woman like María become a lifeline for her community.

How did María learn to grow food so quickly? 

Thanks to emergency funding obtained from the Government of Canada, SeedChange’s partners rapidly set out to deliver emergency supplies and training for people like María, who’s families faced a high risk of food shortages because of the pandemic and rapidly rising food prices.

With their support, María quickly got seeds to grow beans, corn, sweet peppers, tomato, cucumber, squash, mustard greens and coriander. She also received laying hens, to provide her family and neighbours with a steady source of protein.

To make sure María could succeed, she also got support from experienced farmers like Isidora Garcia and her husband, Claros Gomez.

The program has been a game-changer for María and her family.

“I have been well trained and I can survive
with what these projects have given me.”

María, Isidora and the other women in this program did something more: they also decided to address the climbing rates of domestic violence in their community. 

  • They shared information and attended workshops to learn how to keep each other safe.
  • They advocated for better follow-up on reported cases by their local government.
  • They even set up their own peer-to-peer emergency hotline to support women in crisis!

For poor households in the rural communities where we work, food availability will continue to be a struggle in 2022.

Here’s the difference you can make:

Your generous gift to SeedChange will give another woman like María the support she needs to feed and protect her family and community.

It will also help her ensure that when the crisis ends, her community will be better off – with more resilience, more gender equity, and multiple steps closer to food sovereignty.

$10 will give a woman 1 MONTH of support

$60 will give a woman 6 MONTHS of support

$125 will give a woman 1 YEAR of support!

Thank you for helping a woman like Marìa become a lifeline at a time when her community needs her most.