National Observer | These Canadian farmers have a plan for tackling climate change

February 20, 2020

Agriculture is a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, farmers are hit by some of the worst effects of climate change. But a coalition of farming groups says they can also be a part of the solution.

Gillian Flies is a farmer and owner of The New Farm in Creemore, Ontario.

Our executive director, Jane Rabinowicz, spoke to the National Observer about the launch of the Farmers for Climate Solutions coalition. The new coalition, of which SeedChange is a part, is calling for agricultural policy to be redesigned with a climate change lens placed over the entire framework. That means boosting the efforts of farmers to reduce their emissions, enhance soil health, and increase resilience to extreme weather.

“Farmers are on the front lines of climate change. They’re dealing with the impacts already and being required to find solutions,” said Jane told the National Observer. “What we’re saying is the burden shouldn’t be on farmers alone.”

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And learn more about the coalition on the campaign website.